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October 10, 2017

TRCNG is a 10-membered boyband from TS Entertainment, company of SECRET, B.A.P, Sonamoo and hip-hop duo Untouchable.

Their name is an acronym of the phrase Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation.

They made their debut on October 10, 2017 with the song Spectrum from their first mini-album titled New Generation.

Youtube Channel: TSENT2008

V app Channel: TSENT

Facebook Page: officialTRCNG

Twitter Page: TRCNG_official

Instagram Profile: trcng_official

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Reddit: r/TRCNG


Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Instagram Twitter Former
Profile Kangmin Kim Kangmin 김강민 강민 13/11/2001 South Korea
Profile Hohyeon Lee Hohyeon 이호현 호현 14/10/2001 South Korea
Profile Siwoo Yoo Siwoo 유시우 시우 11/05/2001 South Korea
Profile Hyunwoo Kim Hyunwoo 김현우 현우 21/01/2001 South Korea
Profile Jisung Kim Jisung 김지성 지성 21/12/2000 South Korea
Profile Wooyeop Jo Wooyeop 조우엽 우엽 27/09/2000 South Korea
Profile Hakmin Lee Hakmin 이학민 학민 20/09/2000 South Korea
Profile Taeseon Yang Taeseon 양태선 태선 17/09/2000 South Korea
Profile Hayoung Choi Hayoung 최하영 하영 22/08/2000 South Korea
Profile Jihun Kim Jihun 김지훈 지훈 09/01/2000 South Korea Daegu

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