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Formerly known as Pledis Girlz. Expected to debut on March 2017.

Currently uploading cover/practice videos on their V App channel and Youtube:

Pristin – Adore U (Seventeen cover)

Pristin – Catch Me If You Can (SNSD cover)

Pristin – Rum Pum Pum Pum (f(x) cover)

Pristin – Very Very Very (IOI cover)

On 12/02/2017 Pledis uploaded the official profiles of 5 members. Minkyung’s stage name became Roa, Kyungwon’s became Yuha and Yebin’s became Rena.

On 13/02/2017 Pledis uploaded the official profiles of the remaining 5 members. Yewon’s stage name changed to Yehana and Siyeon’s to Xiyeon.

On 22/03/2017 Pristin debuted with their first mini album (Hi! Pristin) and the song Wee Woo.

Youtube Channel: pledisartist , Pristin

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Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Instagram Twitter
Profile Nayoung Im Nayoung 임나영 나영 18/12/1995 South Korea Chungcheongham
Profile Roa Kim Minkyung 김민경 로아 29/07/1997 South Korea
Profile Yuha Kang Kyungwon 강경원 유하 05/11/1997 South Korea
Profile Eunwoo Jeong Eunwoo 정은우 은우 01/07/1998 South Korea
Profile Rena Kang Yebin 강예빈 레나 19/10/1998 South Korea
Profile Kyulkyung Zhou Jieqiong 저우제충 결경 16/12/1998 China Taizhou
Profile Yehana Kim Yewon 김예원 예하나 22/02/1999 South Korea Ilsan
Profile Sungyeon Bae Sungyeon 배성연 성연 25/05/1999 USA South Korea California
Profile Xiyeon Park Junghyun 박정현 시연 14/11/2000 South Korea
Profile Kyla Kyla Massie 카일라 매시 카일라 26/12/2001 USA South Korea California

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