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SF9 – Tear Drop


Tear Drop

Date: July 5, 2021

Korean Title : 에스에프나인 – 티어드롭

Title track from SF9’s 9th mini album “Turn Over”.

The SF9 members are YoungbinInseongJaeyoonDawonRowoonZuhoTaeyangHwiyoung and Chani.

The 9th Mini Album [TURN OVER] is the last series of ‘9lory’ which holds SF9’s glorious world.

The 9th Mini Album [TURN OVER] is the final album of the ‘9lory(glory)’ series. In this album, SF9 completes the final part of the ‘9lory’ series, showing their willingness to pioneer fate on its own without yielding to the fate that has been already set.

The title track ‘Tear Drop’ is an impressive dance track with minimal arrangement and unique base sound based on UK garage style beat. It created SF9’s dreamy charm with the paradox that tears that flows in sorrow shines.

Screencaps of the SF9 members from the Tear Drop MV (SF9 Tear Drop who’s who):

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