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PIXY – Let Me Know


Let Me Know

Date: May 20, 2021

Korean Title : 픽시 – 렛 미 노우

First comeback of PIXY, from their 1st Mini Album ‘Bravery’.

PIXY’s Fairy Forest Part 2 Chapter02. Fairy forest “bravery” release!! PIXY, who has gotten a lot of attention as soon as they debuted, with their own unique universe and music, is making a comeback with their first EP(mini-album) Chapter02. Fairy forest “Bravery”). Their “Good & Evil” concept has given them presence not only within South Korea, but globally around the world as a new up & coming Kpop girl-group. PIXY’s 2nd journey will be more than just fulfilling to those who waited, but will be simply blowing their minds. Their music and performance will be both powerful and trendy, with their music video which will definitely be impressive.

PIXY’s member SATBYEOL has also participated creating and improving this mini-album’s universe. Chapter02. Fairy forest “Bravery” has total of 8 songs, including the title song “Let me know”. For the fans that were upset with the digital debut, there will be a beautiful piano remix of WINGS included in the limited hard-copy CD. “Wings Remix” is a present from Glow, who is part of ALLART Entertainment’s producing team, D_Answer. The remix is rock based and has beautiful piano melodies which made it more dramatic than the original.

Chapter02. Fairy forest “Bravery” is a sequel to the first chapter and has a story of fairies getting confused by witches luring and therefore doubting one another. The witch also tells the fairies to sacrifice one of them, and in the title song “Let Me Know”’s music video, you will be able to see the members sacrificing DIA. Will they be able to run away from the witch and trust each other again? You’ve heard the witch’s whistle… is the albums them whistles? It will be interesting to see if other songs in the album has the witch’s whistle Chapter02. Fairly forest “Bravery” ALLART Entertainment’s Chief producer Kevin D (of D_answer), D_answer’s producers Glow, Dr.j, LUZY, Nomal, producer of Redvalvet, Girl of the Month, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Jay Lee and Pentagon’s producer chAN’s has come together to make PIXY’s songs more colorfully stacked and with the help of SATBYEOL on the universal story, it adds depth to the story overall. 1st single “Wings” Choreography team MOTF (Men of the Future) has joined us again with more powerful performances, and it definitely catch people’s eyes.

The Pixy members are Ella, Lola, Satbyeol, Dia, Sua and Dajeong.

Screencaps of the PIXY members from the Let Me Know MV (PIXY Let Me Know who’s who):

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