P1Harmony Scared who's who

P1Harmony – Scared



Date: April 20, 2021

Korean Title: 피원하모니 – 겁나니
First comeback of P1Harmony, from their 2nd Mini Album [DISHARMONY : BREAK OUT].

The key to breaking through the world surrounded by incongruity, ‘DISHARMONY: BREAK OUT’ P1Harmony 2nd Mini Album ‘DISHARMONY: BREAK OUT’ is the second series of ‘DISHARMONY’ series and the album aims to break through the problem of disharmony in earnest. The title track ‘겁나니 (Scared)’ is a combination of intense drum beats and impressive theme riffs. P1Harmony’s ambition to take off the oppression of society can be felt. “You are just you, yourself / Even if other people would judge“, “Don’t be afraid of your answers,” theses lyrics tells peers who are missing their true values and potential, “Believe in yourself, don’t be scared and raise your voice’. P1Harmony motivates courage and strength for those who have given up breaking out of an unequal norm or framework. They are actively working with peers to break out of the world surrounded by disharmony.

P1Harmony members in the MV: KeehoTheoJiungIntakSoul and Jongseob.

Screencaps of the P1Harmony members from the Scared MV (P1Harmony Scared who’s who):