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P1Harmony – Do It Like This


Do It Like This

Date: January 3, 2022

Korean Title: 피원하모니 – 두 잇 라이크 디스
Second comeback of P1Harmony, from their 3rd Mini Album [DISHARMONY : FIND OUT].

‘Do It Like This’ leading the way to limitless infinite potential P1Harmony leads us to a new world full of infinite potential with their 3rd Mini Album ‘DISHARMONY : FIND OUT’. The 3rd Mini Album ‘DISHARMONY : FIND OUT’ being the last album of Disharmony series, features P1Harmony’s strong confidence and ambition to become the main characters of the new world. The title track ‘Do It Like This’ is featured by addictive hook, and conveys the message of ‘Let’s go into a new world without hesitation’. P1Harmony tells us to dream of infinite potential by becoming the owner of the new world(+WORLD) through this album.

The P1Harmony members are KeehoTheoJiungIntakSoul and Jongseob.

Screencaps of the P1Harmony members from the Do It Like This MV (P1Harmony Do It Like This who’s who):