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NU’EST – Inside Out


Inside Out

Date: April 19, 2021

Korean title: 뉴이스트 – 인사이드 아웃
Title track from NU’EST’s 2nd Full Album: Romanticize

Returning seven years after their first studio album [Re:BIRTH] released in 2014, NU’EST continues their musical journey marked by increasingly deeper musical prowess and relentless change and reinvention with their second album [Romanticize], an invitation to all listeners to leave the quotidien behind and enter a world of unforgettable romantic moments. The title track “INSIDE OUT” is a Chill House song about facing the end of a relationship and trying to come to grips with reality, but ultimately giving into honest feelings and returning to love that’s waiting. The emotive vocals of the five members of NU’EST combined with a minimal track draw the listener even deeper into the narrative of the lyrics that draw an intricate map of changing emotions.

Screencaps of NUEST members from the Inside Out MV (NU’EST Inside Out who’s who):

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