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fromis_9 – Feel Good (Secret Code)


Feel Good (Secret Code)

Date: September 16, 2020

Korean: 프로미스나인 – 필 굿 (시크릿코드)
Title track from ‎fromis_9’s 3rd Mini Album titled My Little Societ.

fromis_9 came back with a variety of charms of its nine members. In “My Little Society,” each one of the members will show nine different characters and charms.

fromis_9’s third mini-album, “My Little Society,” describes a small space filled with my own sensibility and taste that is okay to show anything as it is. The album delivers various feelings and thoughts that anyone can relate to in fromis_9’s own language, making the listeners empathize and ultimately feel the group’s unique magnetism.

In the title track, “Feel Good (SECRET CODE),” fromis_9 conveyed a message of “the joy in our free space,” and The music video showed the lovely, honest, and free-spirited sides of fromis_9 in full. Particularly, the eye-catching and energetic performance makes us fall for “the nine different and addictive charms of the nine members.”

In this album, using their new charms based on their own bright energy, fromis_9 will reveal a wide range of musical capabilities as well as come to us and tell their own story in a lovelier and more honest way.

Check the post with the fromis_9 My Little Society / Feel Good (SECRET CODE) Concept Photos (HD/HQ) here.

Screencaps of fromis_9 members from the Feel Good MV (fromis_9 Feel Good who’s who):

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