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fromis_9 – DM

Date: January 17, 2022

Korean: 프로미스나인 – 디엠
Title track from ‎fromis_9’s 4th Mini Album titled Midnight Guest.

Midnight Guest follows the story of fromis_9 making an escape from home past midnight, promising an exciting visit to those undergoing a colorless night of boredom. Listeners are guided to vicariously live the moments of breaking free and of traversing through bright colors of the night in the city, of which thrills and unexpected encounters are vividly laid across the tracks. Driven by elements of pop, “DM” portrays the excitement of breaking free and the feelings of a racing heart from confessing one’s feelings to their crush. The track paints a picture of a bright city night and a sense of love as it first begins to grow, through a sentimental chord progression and a funky bass line. Laced with fromis_9’s endearing charms, the striking chorus of the track instantly hooks the listener in.

The fromis_9 members are Roh Jisun, Song Hayoung, Lee Saerom, Lee Chaeyoung, Lee Nagyung, Park Jiwon, Lee Seoyeon, Baek Jiheon and Jang Gyuri.

Screencaps of fromis_9 members from the DM MV (fromis_9 DM who’s who):