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August 27, 2019

X1 (엑스원) was the 11 member boy band formed from mnet’s Produce X 101 survival show. The X1 members are: Kim Yohan (Center), Kim Wooseok, Han Seungwoo, Song Hyeongjun, Cho Seungyoun, Son Dongpyo, Lee Hangyul, Nam Dohyun, Cha Junho, Kang Minhee and Lee Eunsang.

They debuted on August 27, 2019 with the song Flash from the EP Quantum Leap.

After the Mnet Vote Manipulation investigation in late 2019 halted the groups promotions, the companies of the individual members couldn’t come to an agreement and decided on disbandment of the group.

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Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Instagram Twitter Former
Wooshin Kim Wooseok 김우석 우신 1996-10-27 South Korea Daejeon UP10TION, X1
Hangyul Lee Hangyul 이한결 한결 1999-12-07 South Korea X1, IM
Seungwoo Han Seungwoo 한승우 승우 1994-12-24 South Korea X1
Seungyoon Cho Seungyoon 조승연 승연 1996-08-05 South Korea X1
Yohan Kim Yohan 김요한 요한 1999-09-22 South Korea X1
Junho Cha Junho 차준호 준호 2002-07-09 South Korea X1
Dongpyo Son Dongpyo 손동표 동표 2002-09-09 South Korea X1
Minhee Kang Minhee 강민희 민희 2002-09-17 South Korea X1
Profile Eunsang Lee Eunsang 이은상 은상 2002-10-26 South Korea X1
Hyeongjun Song Hyeongjun 송형준 형준 2002-11-30 South Korea X1
Dohyon Nam Dohyon 남도현 도현 2004-11-10 South Korea X1

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