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April 13, 2011

7 membered boyband originaly formed by Cho PD and his company Stardom.

In 2013 they filled a lawsuit against Stardom, and in August 2013 they transfered their rights to Seven Seasons.

Leader Zico with producer Pop Time are usually in charge of producing their title tracks.

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ProfileStage NameFull NameKorean NameKor. StageDate of BirthCountrySecond CountryBirthplaceInstagramTwitterFormer
ProfileZicoWoo Jiho우지호지코1992-09-14South KoreaSeoul
ProfileTaeilLee Taeil이태일태일1990-09-24South KoreaSeoul
ProfileB-BombLee Minhyuk이민혁비범1990-12-14South KoreaSeoul
ProfileJaehyoAhn Jaehyo안재효재효1990-12-23South KoreaBusan
ProfileU-KwonKim Yukwon김유권유권1992-04-09South KoreaSuwon
ProfilePark KyungPark Kyung박경박경1992-07-08South KoreaSeoul
ProfileP.OPyo Jihoon표지훈피오1993-02-02South KoreaSeoul

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