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July 27, 2022

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ATBO Members Profile

ATBO (에이티비오) is a 7 member boy band under IST Entertainment, company of Apink, VICTON, Weeekly and The Boyz.

The ATBO members are Oh Junseok, Ryu Junmin, Bae Hyunjun, Seok Rakwon, Jeong Seunghwan, Kim Yeonkyu and Won Bin. They were formed through MBN’s reality survival show The Origin – A, B, or What?.

ATBO Youtube Channel: ATBO 에이티비오

ATBO V app Channel: ATBO

ATBO Facebook Page: @ATBO.ground

ATBO Twitter Page: @ATBO_ground

ATBO Instagram Profile: @atboground

ATBO Official Website:

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ATBO Tiktok: @atboground

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Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Former
JunseokOh Junseok오준석준석2003-03-03South KoreaJeju
JunminRyu Junmin류준민준민2003-04-05South KoreaJinju
HyunjunBae Hyunjun배현준현준2003-06-06South KoreaSeoul
RakwonSeok Rakwon석락원락원2003-11-14South KoreaSeoul
SeunghwanJeong Seunghwan정승환승환2004-01-27South KoreaBusan
YeonkyuKim Yeonkyu김연규연규2004-05-03South KoreaSeoul
Won BinWon Bin원빈원빈2004-07-01South KoreaGyeonggi

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