DIA Somyi Body Profile

K-Pop Body Profile Photos

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This page has instagram “Body Profile” photos of K-Pop idols.

Body Profile (바디프로필) photos are a trend in South Korea, basically the person does a strict diet and they work very hard on gym for some weeks/months, in order to take these body profile photos – they are similar to the Men’s Health cover photos – they also usually do these body profile photoshoots in Calvin Klein underwear.

Check some body profile photos of former and current K-Pop Idols below:

AOA Choa Body Profile

Episode Yeji Body Profile

Tahiti Jisoo Body Profile

AOA Yuna Body Profile

API Saebyeok Body Profile

DIA Somyi Body Profile

API Cheongeum Body Profile

AOA Chanmi Body Profile

EVOL SAAY Body Profile

Huh Chanmi Body Profile



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