Ningning aespa Savage Teaser Hallucination Quest 2

aespa Savage Teaser 3 (Hallucination Quest 2) (Ningning, Winter) (HD/HQ)

aespa will release their 1st mini album on October 5, 2021 titled Savage.

The 1st version of teaser photos was named Hallucination Quest 1 first we had photos Ningning and Winter and then for Karina and Giselle.

The 2nd version is named SYNK DIVE. First we got 4 photos, one for each member, and then 3 photos for each member and one group photo.

The 3rd version is the Hallucination Quest 2. Yesterday we had the teaser photos for Karina and Giselle, and today for Ningning and Winter.

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