LOONA 12:00 Teaser 2 Jinsoul

LOONA 12:00 (Midnight) Teaser Photos 2 (Olivia Hye, Jinsoul, Gowon) (HD/HR)

Olivia Hye, Jinsoul and Gowon had their 2nd teaser photos for LOONA‘s 12:00 release revealed today.

LOONA’s 12:00 release date is October 19, 2020.

Check the other teaser photos in the following links!

LOONA 12:00  Teaser Photos 1

Heejin, Choerry and Hyunjin

Kim Lip, Vivi and Yves

Olivia Hye, Yeojin and Jinsoul

Chuu, Gowon and Group

LOONA 12:00  Teaser Photos 2

Vivi, Yves, Chuu

Yeojin, Choerry, Hyunjin

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 15:08