Lisa Blackpink The Album

BLACKPINK – THE ALBUM Lisa & Rosé Concept Teaser Videos Screencaps (HQ)

Two Concept Teaser videos for BLACKPINK‘s The Album were released today, one for Rosé and one for Lisa.

BLACKPINK’s The Album’s release date is October 2, 2020.

You can view the teaser videos below, and some screencaps from these videos.

Also check the teaser poster posts:

BLACKPINK The Album Teaser Poster Jisoo (HD/HQ)

BLACKPINK The Album Teaser Posters Jennie (HD/HQ)

BLACKPINK The Album Lisa Teaser Posters (HD/HQ)

BLACKPINK The Album Rose Teaser Posters (HD/HQ)

BLACKPINK – ‘THE ALBUM’ LISA Concept Teaser Video

BLACKPINK – ‘THE ALBUM’ ROSÉ Concept Teaser Video

Sunday, September 27, 2020 00:24