Rocket Punch Blue Punch Teaser Suyun

Rocket Punch Blue Punch (Juicy) Teaser Photos (Suyun, Yeonhee) (HD/HQ)

Rocket Punch will have a summer comeback on August 4, 2020 titled Blue Punch.

Rocket Punch’s comeback date is close to their 1 year debut anniversary, and the name of the title track is “Juicy“.

Today we got the first teaser photos of members Suyun and Yeonhee.

As always, Rocket Punch release teaser photos in good quality and resolution, so click for full size!

로켓펀치(Rocket Punch) SUYUN’S BLUE PUNCH

로켓펀치(Rocket Punch) YEONHEE’S BLUE PUNCH

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