Blackpink Kill This Love Japanese

October 2019 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts

This is a list with all announced Kpop October 2019 comebacks and debuts.

SuperM will make their debut on October 4.

Blackpink will release the Japanese version of Kill This Love on October 16.

EXO‘s Chen will make a solo comeback on October 1st.

AB6IX will make their first comeback in October.

CIX will debut in Japan on October 23.

BtoB‘s Hyunsik will release his first solo album sometime in October.

ARIAZ will make their debut in October 24.

Brown Eyed Girls announced that they will have a comeback on October 28, with a new album titled Re_vive. Their last album titled BASIC was released on November 5th, 2015.

IU will make a comeback in the mid or end of October.

Ladies’ Code will have a comeback on October 10.

LovelyzKei will release her 1st mini album (as Kim Jiyeon, her real name) on October 8.

N.Flying will make a comeback in October.

Day6 will make a comeback on October 22.

TXT‘s comeback is set for October 21, 2019.

MONSTA X announced a comeback for October 28 with a mini album titled “FOLLOW” : FIND YOU.

1the9 will release their 2nd mini album on October 17, 2019. All 5 tracks are co-composed by PrimeBoi.

VAV will make a comeback on October 21 with their 5th mini album titled Poison.

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Date Artist Release Album Title Song Title Album Type Artist Type
2019-10-16 Blackpink Japanese Kill This Love Kill This Love Japanese Girl Group
2019-10-14 Super Junior Comeback Time Slip SUPER Clap Full Album Boy Group
2019-10-04 SuperM Debut SuperM Jopping 1st Mini Album Boy Group
2019-10-01 Chen (EXO) Comeback Dear My Dear 2nd Mini Album Boy Solo
2019-10-23 CIX Japanese HELLO Chapter 1. Hello, Stranger Japanese Debut Boy Group
2019-10-16 D-Crunch Japanese Are you ready?-Japanese Version- Japanese Debut Boy Group
2019-10-07 AB6IX Comeback 6IXENSE 1st Full Album Boy Group
2019-10-21 NU'EST Comeback The Table 7th Mini Album Boy Group
2019-10-11 Daehyun (B.A.P) Comeback Aight 1st Comeback in New Agency Boy Solo
2019-10-08 ATEEZ Comeback TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action Boy Group
2019-10-10 Ladies' Code Comeback Code #03: Set Me Free Girl Group
2019-10-08 Kei (Lovelyz) Solo Debut I Go 1st Mini Album Girl Solo
2019-10-22 DAY6 Comeback The Book of Us: Entropy Full Album Boy Group
2019-10-09 Stray Kids Pre-Release Double Knot Double Knot Single Boy Group
2019-10-16 TVXQ! Japanese XV Japanese Full Album Boy Group
2019-10-30 We In The Zone Comeback weeee! Mini Album Boy Group
2019-10-21 TXT Comeback The Dream Chapter: Magic Boy Group
2019-10-29 A.C.E Comeback UNDER COVER : THE MAD SQUAD 3rd Mini Album Boy Group
2019-10-28 Brown Eyed Girls Comeback RE_vive Full Album Girl Group
2019-10-23 WINNER Comeback Cross Soso 3rd Mini Album Boy Group
2019-10-28 MONSTA X Comeback "FOLLOW" : FIND YOU Find You Mini Album Boy Group
2019-10-28 Taeyeon Comeback Purpose 2nd Album Girl Solo
2019-10-21 VAV Comeback Poison 5th Mini Album Boy Group
2019-10-17 1the9 Comeback Blah Blah Blah 2nd Mini Album Boy Group
2019-10-15 N.Flying Comeback Yaho Good Bam 6th Mini Album Boy Group
2019-10-24 ARIAZ Debut Grand Opera 1st Mini Album Girl Group
2019-10-22 Youngjae (BAP) Comeback O,on Mini Album Boy Solo
2019-10-29 BDC Debut Boys Da Capo Special Single Album Boy Group