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Today in K-Pop: August 16, 2019

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ANS made their debut, new Red Velvet Wendy teaser photos for ReVe Festival Day 2.

Yesterday in K-Pop: August 15, 2019

Today in K-Pop: August 16, 2019

New MVs:

ANS – Wonderland

$ammy – icywavy (Feat.Colde)

TRCNG – MISSING (MV Choreography Ver. 2)

LIMHARA – Mr. Green

Lee Dojin – Life Is A Shot


Red Velvet The ReVe Festival Day 2 Wendy Teaser Photos (HD/HR)

#Gun – Lord (MV Teaser)

Oh Hayoung – Don’t Make Me Laugh (MV Teaser 1)

THE BOYZ – D.D.D (MV Teaser 1)

VIINI (Kwon Hyunbin) – 도깨비방망이 (GENIE) (MV Cinema Teaser)

Red Velvet – Ladies Night (Highlight Audio Teaser)

TARGET – Baby Come Back Home (MV Teaser #1)

Soyoung (Ex-Stellar) – 숨(Breath) (MV Teaser)

Dance Practice Videos

TAEMIN – Famous (Dance Practice)

JunHyoSeong – Shape of You (Ed Sheeran) Cover & Choreography

Special Videos

MAMAMOO – Opening Performance @ Mnet Queendom

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