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NeonPunch (네온펀치) are a 5 member girl group under A100 Entertainment.

The members consist of (in order from eldest to youngest) Dayeon (다연), Hajeong (하정), Baekah (백아), Arang (아랑) and Iaan (이안).

Youtube Channel: A100 Entertainment

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Facebook Page: @neonpunch5

Twitter Page: @NeonPunch5

Instagram Profile: @neonpunch5

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Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Instagram Twitter Former
Profile Daeyeon Hwang Da Kyeon 황연경 다연 17/11/1995 South Korea sunghyuk_seo
Profile Hajeong Lee Hajeong 이하정 하정 23/09/1997 South Korea sunghyuk_seo
Profile Baekah Kim Sua 김수아 백아 24/10/1999 South Korea sunghyuk_seo
Profile Arang Son Mnjung 손민정 아랑 08/03/2000 South Korea sunghyuk_seo
Profile Iaan Yoo Dongju 유동주 이안 22/03/2002 South Korea sunghyuk_seo

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