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August 30, 2017

GOOD DAY (굿데이) are a 10 member girl group formed under C9 Entertainment the home of Juniel , Drug Restaurant, Cheetah, PIA and Younha.

They debuted on August 30th 2017 with their first single entitled ‘Rolly‘ from the mini album ‘ALL DAY GOOD DAY‘ which also included three other songs by each of the units Beyond This Moment (Good Morning), Fly Away (Good Night) and Party after party (Midnight).

The members include in order from eldest to youngest Heejin, Genie, Cherry, Chaesol, Nayoon, Jiwon, Haeun, Viva, Bomin and Lucky.

Youtube Channel: GOOD DAY

V app Channel: C9 Entertainment

Facebook Page: GOOD DAY – 굿데이

Twitter Page: @GoodDay_C9

Instagram Profile: @goodday_c9

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Discord (unofficial): Good Day



Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Instagram Twitter Former
Heejin Song Heejin 송희진 희진 19/08/1995 South Korea Seoul
Genie Kim Jiwon 김지원 지니 01/07/1997 South Korea Daegu
Cherry Kim Chaeyoung 김채영 체리 05/07/1997 South Korea Gunsan
Chaesol Maeng Chaesol 맹채솔 채솔 14/07/1998 South Korea Yeosu
Nayoon Hwang Nayoon 황나윤 나윤 30/03/1999 South Korea Seoul
Jiwon Kim Jiwon 김지원 지원 01/04/1999 South Korea Busan
Haeun Kim Haeun 김하은 하은 09/10/1999 South Korea Gongju
Viva Hwang Jiwon 황지원 비바 07/02/2000 South Korea Jincheon
Bomin Kim Bomin 김보민 보민 24/09/2001 South Korea Gwangju
Lucky Jin Hyeonjoo 진현주 럭키 03/11/2001 South Korea Goyang

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