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Golden Child

Korean Name:

골든 차일드



Golden Child is Woollim Entertainment’s second boy band after Infinite. They consist of 11 members, and one of them (Daeyeol) is Infinite’s Sungyeol’s younger brother.

Youtube Channel: woolliment

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Twitter Page: Official_GNCD

Instagram Profile: official_gncd11

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Reddit: r/GoldenChild/


Profile Stage Name Full Name Korean Name Kor. Stage Date of Birth Country Second Country Birthplace Instagram Twitter Former
Daeyeol Lee Daeyeol 이대열 대열 11/02/1993 South Korea Yongin
Y Choi Sungyoon 최성윤 와이 31/07/1995 South Korea
Jaeseok Park Jaeseok 박재석 재석 20/11/1995 South Korea
Jangsuk Lee Jangsuk 이장준 장준 03/03/1997 South Korea
TAG Son Youngtaek 손영택 태그 13/04/1998 South Korea
Seungmin Bae Seungmin 배승민 승민 13/10/1998 South Korea
Jaehyun Bong Jaehyun 봉재현 재현 04/01/1999 South Korea
Jibeom Kim Jibeom 김지범 지범 03/02/1999 South Korea
Donghyun Kim Donghyun 김동현 동현 23/02/1999 South Korea
Joochan Hong Joochan 홍주찬 주찬 31/07/1999 South Korea
Bomin Choi Bomin 최보민 보민 24/08/2000 South Korea

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