Enoi Red In The Apple

ENOi Red In The Apple Concept Photos (HD/HR)

January 13, 2020

ENOi made their comeback with the EP titled Red In The Apple. The song 발칙하게 (Cheeky) is the title track. Here are the concept photos of the ENOi members for Red In The Apple. Click for full size!

ENOi Bloom

ENOi Member Profile Photos (HD/HR)

April 19, 2019

ENOi are a new 7-member boy band from KITHEWHALE. The ENOi members are AVIN, GUN, JINWOO, DOJIN, J-KID, LAON and HAMIN, and they debuted on April 19, 2019 with the song Bloom. Laon (Shin Kyuhyun) participated in Boys 24 as a member of Unit Blue. Click in the images for full size (HD/HR).