Bewhy Profile 비와이


BewhY (비와이) is the stage name of Lee Byung-yoon (이병윤). He was born in June 15, 1993.

He is the winner of Show Me The Money 5.

BewhY is a member of the $exy $treet and Yello Music crew which has CJamm as it’s leader.

In Show Me The Money 3 he was featured in CJamm‘s song Jungle as a background vocalist, and Shit as a feature.

In Show Me The Money 4 he was eliminated by Microdot on the 1vs1 battle, and by Lil Boi on the revival round.

In Show Me The Money 5 he was the winner under Team AOMG

In Show Me The Money 777 he was featured and produced Superbee‘s Superbeewhy.

BewhY (비와이)

Rapper, Producer

Stage Name Bewhy
Korean Name 비와이
Real Name Lee Byung-yoon
Korean Real Name 이병윤
Crew $exy $treet
Label Dejavu Group
Date of Birth June 15, 1993
Country South Korea
City Incheon
Biodata 182cm, AB

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