Kubo Reina Girls Planet 999

Kubo Reina

Full Name: Kubo Reina

Korean Name: 쿠보 레이나

Country: Japan

Year Born: 1999

Height: 160 cm


Stage Name: 

Date of Birth: October 28, 1999

Company: Individual (former EXPG)

Former Group: Prizmmy☆

Instagram: –

Blood Type: O

Girls Planet 999 Kubo Reina Profile

Kubo Reina is a Japanese contestant on Girls Planet 999. She is a former member of Prizmmy☆. She was a tudent of EXPG Lab, a section of Japanese talent school EXPG which includes the best students of all EXPG schools in Japan. She graduated on March 31, 2021.

Kubo Reina‘s hobby is Editing music / Taking pictures / Rubik’s cube, and her speciality is Getting 100 from karaoke / Making whistle voice / Hip hop dance.

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