LOONA Debut ++ HR/HD Profile Photos

Loona finally released their debut album ++ on August 20, 2018, with two MVs: favOriTe and Hi High.

Here are the profile photos of all members in the usual high resolution:

Loona Choerry

Loona ++ Choerry

Loona Chuu

Loona ++ Chuu

Loona Gowon

Loona ++ Gowon

Loona Haseul

Loona ++ Haseul

Loona Heejin

Loona ++ Heejin

Loona Hyunjin

Loona ++ Hyunjin

Loona Jinsoul

Loona ++ Jinsoul

Loona Kim Lip

Loona ++ Kim Lip

Loona Olivia Hye

Loona ++ Olivia Hye

Loona Vivi

Loona ++ Vivi

Loona Yeojin

Loona ++ Yeojin

Loona Yves

Loona ++ Yves


Loona ++

Sunday, August 26, 2018 15:24